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Endoscopic Camera System

ApplicationsEndoscopic Camera System

Endoscope Camera System

The disease has nowhere to hide


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Endoscopy is one of the most widely used medical instruments in clinical medicine. There are many different types of products, such as laparoscopy, laryngoscope, bronchoscopy, hysteroscope, gastroscope, enteroscope, cystoscopy and so on. It consists of a bendable part, a light source, a lens, and an image processing device. Through the body's natural channels, or small incisions made through surgery into the body. You can directly see the changes in the relevant parts, so that the disease has nowhere to hide.
Developed and produced by JoinHope Image, OK series high-definition endoscope camera systems are suitable for the acquisition, transmission, image processing and video recording of HD/SD medical endoscope images, which can meet the needs of most medical operations.

Solutions and advantages
  • Full HD CCD/CMOS sensor
  • WDR wide dynamic technology for real-time output of 1920*1080P high quality images
  • Power and signal are equipped with the latest isolation technology, all interfaces with ESD protection.
  • Powerful image processing capability: support automatic/manual white balance; 7-level image enlargement function; video and save map function, support H.264 compression.
  • JoinHope Image provides OEM/ODM services for you. Customize your exclusive product.
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