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4K Ultra HD Medical Recorder
The device uses a pure embedded solution: Support 1 channel 4K SDI video input plus 3 channels of full HD SDI, 1 channel VGA / HDMI input, or 4 channels of full HD SDI input, 1 channel VGA / HDMI input, free to choose. It can be used in various occasions and environments. The device is based on IP network and supports single stream mode, multi-stream mode recording and live broadcast.


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Product advantages 

Ø Integrated solution for higher integration and more complete functions

Ø Embedded solution, algorithm FPGA implementation, hardware acceleration

Ø Single 4K ultra HD image acquisition, and splicing 5 channels of video into 4K

Ø FPGA realizes one channel 4K ultra high definition image H264 hardware compression, network low delay

Ø Image distortion correction can be achieved with FPGA (not currently done)

Video input

[1 channel 4K SDI input + 3 channel SDI or 4 channel full HD SDI input] +1 channel VGA / HDMI input

Video output

1 channel VGA, 1 channel HDMI output

Video output format

MP4、FLV、TS file recording format

Audio input and output

1 channel audio input and output

Data storage

Built-in SATA2.0 hard drive, built-in 1T, expandable to 4T

Communication Interface

2-way RS232 interface, 1-channel RS485 interface, 2-way RJ45 network interface

Power supply, operating temperature

12V/5A, -10°C to 50°C, working time is not less than 24h



Ø Collect one high-fidelity audio input and compress it with local video input (H264).

Ø 5 input video local compression storage function.

Ø Realize 5 channels of video zooming, splicing and superimposing into user 4K pictures, in local compressed storage or network streaming display.

ØThrough the network, realize remote terminal user broadcast display, 128Kbps ~ 20Mbps multi-stream real-time propagation function.

ØRealize local terminal broadcast control interface display, local users can automatically/manually control 5-way video stitching mode.

Ø For 4k image compression processing, the video input to network stream output delay is no more than 0.15s.

Ø For 4k image processing, video input to video output delay is no more than 3 frames.

Ø Receive remote RSTP stream, decode video display/audio playback, realize two-way intercom function.

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