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We will definitely jump higher in 2020 | Company building and annual meeting summary

PART1 Trampoline building

On December 27, 2019, all employees of Join Hope Image came to the trampoline park in Chaoyang and started a fun journey. After the on-site coach introduced the activity process, the team was divided into four groups of red, purple, blue, and yellow, and then the competition of abilities and wisdom between the four teams began. In the whole process, the team members constantly broke through themselves, faced their inner fears, and supported and cooperated with each other so that the team could exert its maximum energy.

Team show

Team PK

Wonderful moment

PART2 Annual meeting summary and awards

At the annual meeting, Wu Xiaoning, chairman of Join Ho Image, summarized and analyzed the basic situation of the company in 2019. The company has achieved good results in this year and its business has made rapid progress. Later, employees and managers who made outstanding contributions to the company were commended on the spot. The company's progress is the result of the unity and cooperation of various departments.


Having dinner

Raffles and game sessions

This day we spent in laughter. This year, we grew up in hard work. 2019 has already departed and 2020 has arrived. Thank you for your support and understanding of Join Hope this year. With your company,Join Hope image will jump higher and farther!